Where do we deliver?

Simon Peter Fish Company delivers free of cost to Vakola, Kalina & CST Road Kalina for now. We shall be adding new areas of operation shortly.

Is delivery free?*

Free Home Delivery service is presently available in Vakola, Kalina and CST Road. Free home Delivery is available for all orders above than Rs.400. For orders below Rs.400, a delivery charge of Rs.30 would be applicable.irrespective of the above three areas.

Do call us on +91 9920833658 to check if your area is covered under Free Home Delivery as we are constantly endevouring to increase our scope of reach. Standard Rs.599/- order value applies to get free home delivery if your area is covered.

When do you deliver?

We deliver 7 days a Week.

All orders placed BEFORE 1700 hrs. are delivered between 0600 and 0900 hrs. the next day, provided the item/goods are in stock and would reflect on the system. If not, will be notified on mobile phone / if not reachable, SMS will be sent.

In the event you need urgent delivery/same day delivery, call us on +91 9833313668 and we could explore the possibility of delivery at a nominal additional cost.

Is frozen fish fresh?

Yes it is. Many are ill informed that IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) seafood products are probably fresher than non-frozen seafood you buy at your local market? Why? Because “fresh” unfrozen seafood could be up to 10-15 days old by the time it gets through the supply chain and onto your table. Quite often than not, the cold chain management is not maintained which leads to the deterioration in quality or freshness of the seafood. Where the cold chain is adequately maintained at all times, and there is minimum exposure to air, un-frozen seafood can be kept fresh for 3-4 days without any significant decrease in quality.

IQF technology is the only process whereby fundamentally most, if not all the properties of seafood can be preserved. Slow or traditional freezing causes cellular damage and moisture loss. Quick freezing preserves the moisture and tissue thereby preserving all the natural goodness. The logic is simple. The IQF process locks in all the freshness and natural goodness of our products for you to enjoy.

Our product offerings are sourced from fishermen from around India. The fish is descaled, cleaned, gutted, cut, vacuum sealed and frozen to -18°C to maintain its quality. The vacuum sealing extracts all air and moisture from the sealed bag thus preserving the moisture within the tissue of fish slices and preventing air-borne bacteria from contaminating the fish and lastly pilferage or tampering of product during shipment.

What is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)?

Individually Quick Frozen, commonly called IQF in the food industry, is when each individual piece of food is frozen separately. The way foods are frozen in the IQF method involves putting the individual food items into a blast-freezer that freezes the item very quickly. As the food items are separate when they are put in, they also stay separate after they’ve been frozen. For example, a bag of prawns doesn’t simply contain a solid block of frozen prawns, but each frozen prawn is separate inside the bag. Obviously, this makes IQF foods much easier to work with.

Are you expensive?

If you calculate, you’ll actually find that we’re very price competitive. When you buy “fresh” seafood at the market place, the fishmonger weighs the fish whole i.e. with head, tail and all the waste. On an average you actually lose anything between 50-60% of the total weight purchased once you’ve cleaned the fish and made it ready to cook. And that doesn’t account for the time spent going to the market, haggling with fisher mongers moreover the stench in the marketplace, getting it home, cleaning/descaling/gutting/deveining and then, having to cook all of it instantly.

In a nutshell, you save:
• Time and Energy
• A trip to the fish market
• Fresher seafood from some a leading supplier that maintains hygiene and are GST and FSSAI compliant
• Cost per KG is the same, if not, cheaper
• You can defrost and cook only what is needed,
• Store in your own freezer for up to 6 months without loss of taste, colour, texture and quality of fish!
• Check out this blog on more details of our Value for Money offering

Is seafood healthy?

Yes indeed. Include one portion of seafood in your weekly diet, and you may halve the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Is our business registered?

Yes we are fully registered under applicable laws in Maharashtra and have our FSSAI License and are GST Compliant.

Do prices include taxes?

Yes our prices are inclusive of taxes as applicable only on frozen products.

Is your price based on weight?

Yes, all our base prices are calculated on a per half Kg basis. 1/2 Kg packs are half the price of 1 Kg packs and before cleaning of fish, in whole condition.

Is every item exactly half kg?

In cases where we can reasonably achieve an accurate packaging weight (e.g. prawns, lobster meat, squid rings etc), yes the packaging is half kg but please remember the yield is 50% in Prawns, Squids, Lobsters.

In the case of whole fish or even some fillets, the weight of each order will vary based on the size of the fish (for example one piece may be 800 gms while another may be 1.2 kg). In such cases we will always give you a callback to confirm the total weight, the number of pieces (if relevant) and the final cost of the order before we fulfill your order and send the package for shipment. Generally in Fillets, yield is 50% and in case of Steaks, yield is 65-85%, depends on fish species.

As for our franchise partners, the weight would be constant on frozen packed whole slices/fillets and this would be net weight and priced higher than the internet price.

Packaged weight – Gross or Net?

To maintain the quality of our product we use very cold temperatures and to protect the products, at the time of processing, they are coated with a thin layer to water during the blast freezing process (essentially applicable for Basa Fish only) . This process is called glazing and SPFC products are usually between 10 and 20% glazed. What this means to you, the consumer, is that if the gross weight of the product package is 1kg, the net or defrosted weight of the products will be between 650 to 700 grams.

Why Frozen:

Is it better to buy frozen fish or fresh fish from the meat and seafood counter at grocery stores? I know it’s better to buy shrimp frozen since the shrimp sold at the seafood section is just frozen shrimp that has been thawed, at least in most cases.

But does the same go for other types of fish, like salmon and cod? Are they just defrosted pieces of fresh-frozen fish?

Editor: Buying frozen fish is typically more affordable than buying fresh, and it gives you the opportunity to buy certain varieties that might not be available fresh in your area, particularly if you live in a part of the country where fresh fish isn’t readily available. Of course, there are also other factors to consider when making this decision. Also, the freshness in the constant Cold Chain is constantly maintained from nets to packaging between 0o to -18o C and -29oC to -40oC to retain its original texture and flavor which otherwise is missing with the local vendor where the fish is exposed to harsh weather conditions for several hours rendering it to lose its nutrients. Note: fish quality quickly deteriorates if fish temperature is not maintained between 0oC and -2oC, Moreover, ordering from online portals provides you superior quality product delivered to your doorstep thereby saving you time, energy and money. We procure fish directly from the nets/boats which are nearly alive from the nearby reefs of Mumbai, especially, Barramundi, Red Snapper, Grouper, Mullet, Scat, Croaker and Clams.

Editors Remark:
In this Portal, besides the common and regular fish, you will be encouraged to taste the culinary magic of fish species that you have been missing in your diet all these years simply because your parents/elders did not cook since they have had limited information/knowledge on species lesser known as they are largely exported and they do not find prominence in the Indian market.

1. Customers are liable to pay the amount as per order. In case of any variation in weight appropriate invoice will be handed over by the Runner Boy on COD basis.

2. Payment can be made by way of Cash or Online Payment Gateway for which a minimal transaction fee would be applicable by service provider.

3. Return policy is applicable only on whole fish, provided it is notified to the Runner Boy upon handing it over only if the quality of fish is found to be below acceptable standards to the client. It is not applicable on other variants such as fillet, slices, etc.

4. Replacement will be considered only if the delivered product is not as per the specification given on our portal, or if there is any quality issue.

5. Order once placed cannot be cancelled.

6. For COD, goods will be delivered only to the address that is mentioned in the invoice and only after cash is handed over to the Runner Boy. For Online Payments, goods will be delivered directly to the address mentioned in the invoice.

7. Special instructions of delivering the goods to neighbor/third party is acceptable provided complete information is shared over the Customer Care Number.